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Hybrid Operations

Evolving to a smart business, where the best of humanity is enhanced by technology.


Hybrid operations are a business approach to implementing digitalization strategies, taking full advantage of the best of the abilities and skills that people offer, and using technology to leverage performance. 

The core of this concept is the transformation offered by the synergy between these two elements, with a holistic, human, and innovative approach.



Companies face challenges every day that put them to the test. These challenges, in addition to representing a problem with competitive markets that have a clear impact on growth and organizational development, also offer opportunities.


Customers are increasingly demanding, and seek companies that transform their processes, as traditional business approaches no longer effectively meet market demands. Many companies have based efforts on developing and implementing Digital Transformation initiatives, placing the customer at the center of their strategies.


everis understands the challenge companies face when they implement an automation method. This is the starting point for the concept of “Hybrid Operations”, which offers an integrated methodological model in pursuit of new ways of adding value through technology and human skills.


We understand that the transition to a Hybrid Operation is more complex than implementing a given automation technology, and implies rethinking the way the business is organized.



everis is part of the NTT DATA group that offers business solutions, strategy, development and maintenance of technological applications, and outsourcing. The company, provides services in  telecommunications, financial institutions, industry, utilities, energy, public administration and health sectors, and reached a turnover of 1.173 million euros in the last fiscal year. everis has 21,000 professionals distributed in offices and high performance centers throughout 17 countries.


The NTT DATA group, a leading company in the IT sector and a global innovation partner, has 80,000 professionals in more than 40 countries. The integration in NTT DATA allows everis to expand solutions and services for its clients, increase their capabilities, technological, geographic and financial resources in order to provide the most innovative answers to its clients.